LNG Units

  • Cryogenic Expansion Joints
  • Cryogenic Heat exchangers
  • Membrane separation for
  • Fuel gas conditioning
    • CO2 removal
    • H2S removal
    • NGL recovery / Dew Point control
    • Biogas Upgrade
  • Complete Gas conditioning Trains
  • Cryogenic Bulk Storage Tanks (from 2,000 to 60,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)
  • Custom-made Storage Tanks (up to 5,000,000 litres)
  • Microbulk Cryogenic Tanks (120 to 2,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)
  • Cryogenic Transport Equipment (delivery units, semi-trailers and ISO containers)
  • Ambient Air Vaporizers
  • Nitrogen Tanks for the Service Companies to Oil & Gas Industry
  • Cryo Solutions for Artificial Insemination
  • Turnkey Systems for Cryobiological Storage
  • Liquid Helium Dewars and Tanks
  • Homecare Medical Systems for Liquid Oxygen
  • Vacuum Insulated Piping
  • Turnkey Cryogenic Installations for the LNG market
  • Top entry ball valves
  • Filter elements
    • Dry gas elements – removal of solids from natural gas
    • Filter Separator elements – for use in “filter-separator” style vessels which have elements in the first stage, and a mechanical device (mesh/vane/cyclone) in the second stage. Removal of solids, and coalescing of liquids from natural gas.
    • Gas/Liquid coalescer elements
  • Canned motor pumps as per API 685

Offshore Units

Onshore Terminals


Water Treatment for Municipal Sewage and Industrial units

Metallurgical Refining - Alumina, Zinc, Copper Refinery



Paper & Pulp

Food and Milk production

Ship building

Refrigeration and Cold Storages

Edible Oil Refinery, Soap plants and Solvent extractions units

Steel Units

Cement and Lignite Units

Chlormethane, TDI, MDI

Fertilizer Units for Ammonia, Urea and Methanol

Petrochemical Units

Power Plants

Refinery installations